Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teacup Tuesday

Teacup Tuesday, sharing a teacup that I gave to my grandmother probably 25-34 years ago, one Christmas, not sure exactly when.  It's amazing now that I think about it, that I even packed it well enough back then to ship from NY to FL, and now even back from FL to NY and a house move too and it's still all in one piece with no cracks or chips.  I knew my Grandma Doris enjoyed bird watching very much so I had picked this cup especially for her.  Now it's in my collection to enjoy.
This is a Royal Albert Bone China, England, Woodland Series, Goldfinch.
The saucer is round in style with a fluted scalloped upturned rim that is trimmed in a rich vibrant gold.
Decorated ith a pretty transfer design depicting a bright yellow Goldfinch sitting on a pine branch.  The pattern is repeated on the balloon bell shaped cup.
The round base, scrolled handle and scalloped rim are also trimmed in a rich vibrant gold. 

From what I could find looks like this as produced in the 1980's , which lines up with the timeframe I gifted it to my Grandma Doris.
Have a wonderful week, blessings Michelle
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  1. Hello Michelle,
    This is a very lovely cup! A a gift years ago to your grandmother, it must have many memories attached to it. How lovely to now have it in your safe keeping. Bird tea cups are always special, and I love the artwork on this one with the branches and pinecones. Lovely!
    Thank you so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday!

  2. Hi Michele,
    What a beautiful teacup and how lovely that you now have it in your safekeeping. I am very much a bird lover and my favourite little feathered friend is the goldfinch. I adore the boughs of pine and pinecones adorning this pretty teacup. What a treasure it is! Thank you for sharing it with us and coming to tea. Have a beautiful day and I'm happy to be your newest follower.


  3. Lovely cup and lovely background. I always like knowing a tea cups 'history'. This cup reminds me of my G grandmother. Gold finches are a favorite. I've been blessed to have them visit over the years. Happy Teacup Tuesday. Thanks for sharing this lovely cup and it's story.

  4. Beautiful teacup, and beautiful memories! :)