Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seasonal Bouquet Project

Today, I am linking up with Erin (Floret) and Jennie {Love ‘n Fresh} with their new "Seasonal Bouquet Project".  You can read all about it on their blog:

A photo of your own locally-grown, seasonal bouquet.   Rules:  All the ingredients in the bouquet must be sourced within 25 miles of your home, ideally including flowers you grew yourself.

Of course Erin and Jeannie's flower arranging are magnificent...something I hope to get much better at.  But, all flowers are beautiful and I get enormous joy in bringing them inside to admire.

I moved 29th October and when I did I dug up all my flowers and brought them to the new house and have mixed them in with what was here which was pretty nice.  So it will be a surprise how everything looks together this season, I've also ordered quite a few new items to plant (dahlias, David Austin Roses, and tons of direct seeds to sow).  So, I hope to share lots of garden photos on the blog in the next 7 months.

For now the only thing in bloom are Daffodils, tuplips are in bud.  Not sure if they will make it the same time for more variety in an arrangement.  I'm hoping not to have to go buy anything and use just what I can from my small yard with lots of floral beds and more to be created.

The daffodils are so bright and beautiful, love bulbs that come back every year.  Especially these, low maintenance ones.  I can't wait to see some of the newer ones I planted bloom, hopefully getting some very diffierent varieities of color and design to show you next time.

Here's a few more photo's, some in the garden and a few more inside.

No altering in photoshop, just straight shots today.  Have a wonderful day.
Blessings, Michelle

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Granny Squares and spring seeds sown

Linking up with:

A look at what's been going on here the last couple of weeks, a little crochet and seed sowing.  This newest crochet blanke tis going to be designed with smaller squares done in two color combos, I think it resembles the amish quilt style a little bit.
I'm hoping for the next post to be able to add a video tutorial for crocheting a granny square and switching yarn colors.

I'm using wool, washable, but does not go in the dryer. 

In the works, gowing food, for a somewhat healthier life.  I've started some organic heirloom seeds, indoor sowing.  Getting the titming down is a little tricky.  First you sow them and each type of plant can vary on when to sow and what zone you live in, then there is transplanting them and holding them until they can go outside.  This year has been more difficult with that than last year for  me for various reasons.  But here's where I'm at:

There are tomatoes, peppers, basil, brocoli, and cauliflower, cateloupe and watermelon, and a couple of flowers seeds black knight scabosia and stock.

I'm afraid my melons are getting a little leggy, and some of my vegetables, don't look like they've made it with some cooler temps in my unheated sunroom, even though I've added a space heater a little too late, probably.

If you look closely at the tall seedling you can see how the watermelon seed hasn't fallen off yet, kind of neat how these gown and emerge.

Well, with any luck maybe after all the hard work I will get some of these beauties, but this is just the first stage with more hurdles all spring and summer long to get a final product, with all the work it's no wonder a watermelon will cost $7. 
Here's the seed sowing stage, the other photos above were transplanted seedlings.  Below is a close up shots of seedlings.  These are the scabosia and stock.

Off to buy more soil to transplant, have a great weekend.  Blessings to you, Michelle

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hand Made Stamped Cards

A few cards I made recently.  Really enjoying stamping lately

Lots of styles, designs and colors, creating fun!  Hope you enjoyed the show.
Blessings, Michelle