Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God Sized Dream Buddy

I'm choosing my friend Beth for my God Sized Dream Buddy.  She is such a sweetheart, she is always "up", smiling, positive, supportive, encouraging, has vision, overcome obstacles herself, and most of all she is a Christian Sister.  Plus we have know each other for a few years and she "knows" me, some of my obstacles and I know will make the time comittment and will be consistent.  She's also working on a dream God has given her and I hope I can offer being a God SIzed Dream Buddy for her too.
Celebrated my birthday and my youngest sister's birthday on Saturday, her's was actually Sunday, with my other sister and daughter.  Out to lunch and some pampering in the afternoon and then played some cards on Monday night.  So a wonderful weekend, with family time, the next two Saturday's I have two friends who want to take me to lunch...love going out and having some girlfriend time.  Especially valuable with everyone's busy schedule.  But, part of the dream is to carve out that time and balance.  I've actually been accomplishing quite a bit this whole month on steps to the dreams, I've had a great month and there's still a week or so left.

Grace and peace to you, Michelle


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  2. Happy Birthday! Also happy travels on your path to your God-sized dreams. Peace to you.

  3. Happy Birthday and blessings to you!